Magic is our foundation bitch. She is a picture of health, one of the very few Norwich scoped for UAS and not having any degree of the affliction. Due to her soft temperament she was never competitive in the show ring but when paired with super bold studs she produced extremely outgoing and confident pups.

Magic competed very casually in agility and earned novice jumpers titles running with Michael, focused on some fun together rather than earning lots of ribbons.  She is an outstanding huntress, very gamey and skilled.  Magic is known to catch as much as 6 chipmunks in one day.  Her biggest game was a woodchuck. 

In 2007 Magic left our Dignpop clan to join her son Baloo and live a life of utter doggy luxury in rural Pennsylvania.

Katest is our  home-bred champion and a wonder dog.  She is my dream-come-true:  extremely intelligent, driven, typey, affectionate and mischievous. Katest makes it impossible not to play favorites.  She is “one in a lifetime” dog.

Katest took her first confident step in a show ring as a 12-month old pup.  Less than 2 months later she was a champion, along the way going BOS and WB at a specialty.  With limited training and showing she earned her first agility title at 18 months.

Katest is a kind of dog that fought a falcon for a mouse they were both hunting and won the battle, emerging with puncture wounds on her head and a mouse in her mouth.  She is also the dog that chased a black bear up the tree.  Talk about “fearless”!

She is also my cuddle bug and a little clown, always brightening even the most difficult day.

Katest who is truly the greatest

Tazzi is our second foundation bitch, exemplifying the  compact type and fabulous personality I have been seeking. She is incredibly cute, drivey and outgoing. 

Tazzi finished her championship fast, with impressive wins.  She started and finished her championship quest at specialty shows.

She is a snuggly little thing who sleeps on my pillow and loves being able to cuddle up next to my head all through the night.  During the day she is a little demon with dominant personality and love of training.  Her curious mind is forever seeking new thrills, which makes Tazzi a great candidate for dog sports, especially agility we both love.

Digging and Popping since 2000

Biskit is our beloved pet.  He was never intended for breeding but while dealing with his numerous health and temperament issues I discovered the world of holistic pet care, raw diet and learned to be a better trainer.  Biskit is the sweetest little guy, exceedingly smart and loveable. He was sickly shy as a pup, suffers from numerous allergies,  has Addison’s disease but that does not stop him from enjoying life to its fullest.  He is a well adjusted dog, with a good measure of confidence who is also an active agility competitor, in spite of all his problems. Agility is Biskit’s most favorite activity, rivaled only by hunting. The letters behind Biskit’s name stand for the agility titles he has, and a certificate of Canine Good Citizen. Biskit earned 5 agility titles. The letters of more advanced titles always replace lower level titles.

Our precious boy Biskit

Tazzi– the sweetest snuggle bug

Magic—mighty huntress and best mom

Our Dogs
(Ketka’s Biskit OA OAJ NAP OJP CGC)
(Ketka’s Magic Flute NAJ NJP CGC)
(Ch. Dignpop Katest the Greatest  NA NAJ)
(Ch. Littlefield Razz's Matazz at Dignpop NAJ)
Holly Bee
(Dignpop Spicy Wassail)

To know her is to love her.  Holly Bee inherited her mother’s (Katest) drive, incredible intelligence and the sixth sense of how to charm her way into anything she ever wants.

Raised as a singleton, she exhibits a view of the world typical of an only child, thinking that everything revolves around her and … it does!

Holly’s energy level and the love of adventure is unmatched.  She has great hunting skills, speed and tenacity.  We are looking forward to her show career and later some fun in dog sports.  For now we are enjoying her antics and can never get enough of her. Whether it’s playing Frisbee or doing some research on the Internet, Holly is always the center of it all...

(Dignpop Dash of Panache)

Dash was born in August 2007  (Tazzi’s son) and the minute I saw him I knew he’d be the greatest little dog. 

Dash is still a baby but my hopes for him are quite high. His structure and movement are impeccable.  I am very proud to have bred this gorgeous boy.